World Biome Generator


This small application generates a set of possible biomes for a planet. The biomes are based on the planet's size, atmosphere, hydrographic percentage, min/average/max temperature, and the presence of indigenous life (which is itself affected by the other factors). It is intended for use with classic 2D6 SF games, but could be used for other systems too. The ultimate intent is to also incorporate it within my larger Port2Jump application as part of a fuller experience for 2D6 space travellers!

Instructions for Use

For each of the parameters you can either choose a fixed value, or set to random. For the UWP (Universal World Profile) leave blank for random, or enter in a 3 hex digit (e.g. 878 - Size/Atmos/Hydro) form, or in the full 8 hex digit hyphened form (e.g. C878321-8). Note that temperatures are in Centigrade.

The output shows the percentage of the planet covered in each biome. It also shows how many hexes (based on a standard 492 hex icosahedral map) would be of each biome, and the size of a standard hex for that size world. It also shows a random location/biome on the world in case players are crashing on it, and a random location (ignoring water) if they are landing on it. Just click on the Generate Biomes button to start generating!

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Enter the values and then click on "Generate Biomes".

(leave blank for random, use 777 or A777123-4 format)

Minimum Temperature:

Average Temperature:  

Maximum Temperature:

Net Life: