Random Word and Sentence Generator

This random word and sentence generator is based on the "Corsair WordGen" page created cira 2003 by James Robinson. It has been slightly improved and the languages of Gushemege and a random Solomani/Terran/Hybrid Name Generator have been added. Set number of syllables to 0 or -1 to generate randomly.

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Random Word Generator
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Name Generator
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Solomani Names ignores Language setting and uses a real Terran name list.
Hybrid also ignores Language setting and combines Terran list with generated Galanglic and Vilani names.
Sentence Generator
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Original version © 2003 James Robinson ~ Last Updated: 30 Nov 2003

Terran names sourced from https://forebears.io/earth/forenames and https://forebears.io/earth/surnames Nov 2021. Gender information not available, but probably not particularly relevant! Dedicated Terran Name Generator also available.

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