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This small application gives players an idea of how long they will have to wait for a ship of a particular type to take them from one Starport to another. It's based off of my own algorithms, and I haven't (yet) tried to align it with T5's Importance based Expected Ship Traffic table. The ultimate intent is to also incorporate it within my larger Travellogue/Port2Jump applications as part of a fuller experience for 2D6 space travellers!

Instructions for Use

Enter the relevant data items for the source and destination worlds, their jump distance, and whether the route crosses a border or is an established trade-route (Note: spaces in UWP will be stripped, so you can cut and paste from TravellerMap!). Then click on "Check flights...". You can also select to show the dice rolls if you want, and extended mode shows current and next day availability as well.

Start Loc - UWP:    Zone:
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Jump Distance:     On Trade Route:     Cross Border Journey:     Extended Mode:     Show Dice Rolls:

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